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“Audiences and revenues are moving to other platforms and scenes. We are a part of that move

Within Sport is a consulting and advisory agency in the media and sports business. We primarily advice stakeholders within sports, broadcasting, events and with project and change management.

Our proficiency relates to many years within both traditional broadcasting and digital innovation. Traditional platforms are challenged and power is rapidly moving to the advantage of the customers.



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The company was founded by Allan Hvid, former Head of News, Football and Esport at TV 2 SPORT Denmark, with more than 20 years’ experience as reporter, host, editor and executive. Allan also launched an online sports channel in 2007 streaming sports to the Danish audience and he is one of the pioneers in bringing esport to traditional broadcast.

CS:GO has had great success at TV 2 ZULU with high engagement and shares and Within Sport is ready to help activating your product or brand when combining new digital streams and strong platforms.


Esport is developing rapidly with high shares, engagement and dedicated younger audience. Within Sport helps organizers with media rights, production and broadcast standards, when finding the right strategy to combine a very niche digital sport with more classic mainstreams brands and media. DNA of the viewers is changing, and we are not only talking gaming enthusiasts anymore.

“The industry is searching and aiming for a broader and more mainstream audience which creates new demands to the product.”


Within Sport has worked with strategy and production in esport for several years and we hold unique experience in combining mainstream and niche audience. With the right strategy and concept you will reach unique markets and shares and engagement up to 80%. Reach out to hear more about relevant showcases.


Within Sport has worked with strategy and production in esport for several years and holds unique experience in combining mainstream and niche audience resulting in high shares and engagement.

Professional live feeds for relevant partners and broadcasters

Content and editorial strategy for relevant target groups

New revenue models on digital platforms

Engagement and publication strategy

Professional live production

Content production


With many years of experience in project management Within Sport is a valuable partner in sport and events. Our experience relates to broadcast and handling of UEFA Euro, World Cup, Champions League football and several national championships. We are be able to assist you in the process from strategic planning, budget, production, live event and finalizing events. Within Sport also has a broad experience in commercial activities during events and our network holds solutions and capabilities to see that your demands and ambitions are met.

We can assist you on a day-to-day basis if you need immediate advice, but we more often provide our services on a regular project assignment.

Change management

Within Sport has previously worked with change management in the media industry transforming traditional news, sports productions and publications to a digital and modern multimedia workflow. Get in contact with us to learn more about this.


We have previously worked with change management in the media business and we are ready to be a strong partner when launching smaller or larger projects.

Commercial and sponsorship strategy

Project management from A to Z

Strategy an planning

Change management




A good partnership is essential to do great business together. We always provide a good and professional relation to our customers. We make sure to understand your company and your strategy before we make an agreement and we do not rush into any partnership with a blink of the eye. We operate with strong beneficial partnerships for both parties. That is our aim!


Allan Hvid also runs the football news website together with a partner. Advertisers are
more and more moving towards digital platforms. So are we. Please visit for
more information.


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